About this amazing brand

Väggan is a  portuguese clothing brand that aims to bridge the gap between the world of fashion and the world of the arts. 

Väggan is characterized by three main axes: Creativity. Exclusivity and Sustainability. We were born where Portugal was born. A region marked by the textile industry and its strong innovative bent. Väggan is the result of years of work in the industry with a side of madness characteristic of the art world.

Creativity because it gives artists the possibility to freely develop their art as if a piece of clothing were a blank canvas. The only limitation that exists is that the artwork must be able to be printed on mesh. What Väggan looks for is artists to create something unique within their style.

Exclusivity because author pieces are produced in very limited quantities (series of 10, numbered and with the author’s designation). Väggan seeks to work with difference and diversity and therefore it does not make sense to produce these models in “mass”. Thus, author pieces will be sold under the brand name “Väggan Limited Editions”. These models arrive at the customer’s home in a metal box and with a certificate of authenticity that contains a brief summary of the artist, their photo (which can be removed if they don’t want to) and their contacts (social networks, work address, galleries, studio, or others who want).

Sustainability because Väggan seeks through the means of production to use sustainable materials. The fabrics used are 100% cotton purchased in the circular economy  or 100% organic cotton. The stamping of the pieces also uses inks that comply with all environmental protection standards.