Limited Editions – Cosmic Stage by Xicaxu


Limited Editions
T-shirt Cosmic Stage by Xicaxu

100% Organic Cotton
10 pieces Edition

Our model is 1.65m and wears size M.

Find out more about @xicaxu:
I’m Francisca. I was born on 1998, inGuimarães.The name “XICAXU” has a funny story. It’sdue to the combination between “Xica”(the diminutive my family called me) and“Pikachu”, because my sister used to saythat I looked like a Pokémon sometimes.When I decided to start sharing my artworkin the internet, the name of the “project”was a challenge, but I wanted somethingthat identifies with me, so XICAXU was theideal choice. The main idea of the page is toshare some illustrations and graphic worksI do.I usually do custom illustrations, graphicworks and I also have illustrated a children’sbook.From an early age I showed interest in thearts world, I always liked to draw, and thefuture would inevitably pass that way.I decided that combining drawing with theidea of creating something new could be inter-esting, so I took a degree in Industrial Design,at IPCA, in Barcelos (2016-2019).Then, I took another course at IPCA, aTechnical Professional Superior Course, inIllustration and Graphic Art (2021-2023),which led me to what was exactly what Iwanted, but still had to be discovered.Today I’m an intern at a graphic and webdesign company, and I continue to do myillustrations and personal work.