Limited Editions – Eye of Life by César Crahan


Limited Editions
T-shirt Eye of Life by Cesár Crahan

100% Organic Cotton
10 pieces Edition

César Coelho born on July 7th 1988 in the city of Guimarães gave his name to his pseudonym César Crahan Tattooer which is inserted in the current panorama of tattoo art.
He graduated in Arts/Graphics and Multimedia by the Escola Superior de Artística de Guimarães and since early he started to reveal his taste for drawing. From his academic training to his interventions in the streets with the practice of Street Art to his initiation in tattooing. It was in August 2010 that he started his interest for tattooing, he acquired his knowledge with his tattoo master Hélder Guimarães in his professional store in which in 2012 he started as an apprentice. Today César Crahan Tattooer has a portfolio with numerous works, several paintings, invitations from European studios and participations in tattoo conventions in Portugal.