Limited Editions – Landscape to Fit by André Marques


Limited Editions
T-shirt Landscape to Fit by André Marques

100% Organic Cotton
10 pieces Edition

Our model is 1.75m and wears size M.

André Marques, born in 1998, Guimarães, is a visual artist, based in Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto. As he got the degree in Painting, he focus his practice around painting and, mostly, around drawing. His work is about gestures, caligraphy and the touch. The work made for this project is a good example where he creates a landsacpe not linked with descriptive representation but in a sensory way, using his thingers, touching vibrant colors, giving such free expressions and new harmony to the ways of painting.  The idea of turning the landscape into an interesting clothing design is to take the landscape from within. Taking it to go out… the landscape fits in the walking body, comes from it to out. Gives the freedom to one feel an experience, while being trendy and fresh.