Limited Editions – Rave On by Patrícia Marinho


Limited Editions
T-shirt Rave On by Patrícia Marinho

100% Organic Cotton
10 pieces Edition

Patrícia Marinho explores the multiple possibilities of expression that the modernist revolutionary has brought us. Her trait is easily recognized by human figures and inspired by her surroundings, she often uses organic motifs in her works, the line and stains that make her graphic and minimalist work. She currently works as a freelancer in the areas of illustration and graphic design, continuing to be present in the culture of the city of Guimarães, continuing to exhibit at Guimaraes Noc Noc, illustrating the Use-It map of Guimarães, and the most recent, the installation commemorative of the 154th anniversary of the birth of Raul Brandão “Ouves o grito? Ouve-lo””. The artist is part of the GUIMARÃES PROJECT ROOM and art director of CAV.