Limited Editions – T-shirt Flora by Lia Romero


Limited Editions
T-shirt Flora by Lia Romero

100% Organic Cotton
Only 10 pieces

Lia Romero, 29-year-old artist, born in Brazil and residing in Guimarães. Degree in Illustration and Comics. She has always been in contact with various forms of art throughout her training, but always with greater interest in the field of illustration. After her degree, she discovered a great passion for comics, with a focus on graphic novels, which gave rise to some personal projects in the area.In 2020 she began to develop a series of works in which she “appropriated” paintings and drawings by global artists and made works with her illustrative style and critical eye. In this series of works, which she calls “Timeless”, she works with illustration, painting and different dimensions. In addition to working on her personal project “Intemporal”, she also dedicated to developing custom-made works.

Our model is 1,80m and wears size S.